The Run


The Pat Perrone Poker Run is a 2 hour + ride starting in Bridgewater, NJ and ending in Old Bridge, NJ. There are 4-5 stops total and riders collect one card at each stop. The best poker hand at the end of the ride wins a cash prize and gifts.

FAQ about the run:

  1. The run is around 2 hours and 5 minutes

  2. The route will be shared a month before the event.

  3. You do not have to wait for anyone and are welcomed to ride your ride

  4. You will get one playing card at every stop

  5. Patches are welcomed

  6. This is a charity event so we expect EVERYONE to be respectful. No special considerations!

  7.  If you pay for the run your band will get you access to the run.

  8. Please service your bike before the run

  9. Please wear a DOT Helmet

  10. You can bring kids to the BBQ afterparty not on run

  11. No drinking before or during the run. Please keep it sober


100% of the Proceeds benefit the Monmouth County SPCA.